Why Join GQHA:

  • Is the official Georgia affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association.
  • Sponsors horse shows.
  • Sponsors Breeders’, Open and NSBA Futurities.
  • Sends a youth team to the Youth World Championship Show and the All-American Quarter Horse Congress.
  • Sponsors an AQHA All-Novice Show Series.
  • Sponsors a Georgia Novice Championship Show.
  • Provides funding for clinics for amateurs and youth to learn more.
  • Provides college scholarship to GQHYA member(s).
How Much Does It Cost To Join GQHA?

$25 annual fee for either individual or family membership

Online Application

Complete the Online Membership Application Here

$25 membership fee + $1 processing fee

ALL information is REQUIRED to complete your membership.

Mail Application

Download the 2017 GQHA Membership Application and mail along with your membership dues. ALL information is REQUIRED to complete your membership.

Please mail to: GQHA, P.O. Box 49340, Athens, GA 30604

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